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Plus Zap 40 Watt Flykiller in Stainless and White

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40 Watt Model
White or stainless steel - see options
Wall, desk or ceiling mountable
Offset grid for larger catch area
Perfect for front of house

Plus Zap 40 Watt Flykiller in Stainless and White


Plus Zap 40 Watt Flykiller in Stainless and White

High Quality, Superb electric fly killer for your business or home!

Part of the new second generation of plus zap fly killers this new unit offers aesthetics and high specifications giving your home or business the perfect fly killing device for your needs.

This unit is part of a larger range offering 16W, 30W (this 40W and the 80W models available in white, aluminium and stainless steel so if this isnt right just check out our other options.

This insect killer has a new modern design and is perfect for any customer facing areas i.e front of house and it wont be too obtrusive, the manufactured material is robust and clean with staggered tubes which create a highly efficient light output compared to similar units.

The offset killing grid catches a larger number of insects by creating a larger catch area and offers easier servicing.

The mains interlocked catch tray is simple to remove for quick and safe maintenance with anti blow folds.>Br> Wall mounted or ceiling suspension is possible and complies with ROHS and all relevant European standards.

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