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Plus Zap 30w Commercial Insect Killer

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Fantastic high quality front of house commercial insect killer, ideal for any establishment!

This unit with its high quality finish looks great in any setting, designed to look great at the front of house or in the back store cupboard it doesn't matter this fly killer will do the job you want it to.
  • 30 Watt fly killer
  • H262 x W514 x D130
  • Aluminium, White or Stainless Options
  • Covers 80m2 area
  • Greater light output

Plus Zap 30w Aluminium Commercial Insect Killer


This new second generation Plus Zap 30w Fly killer delivers the goods and then some!

As you can see by the image the unit has been manufactured from high quality Aluminium/stainless steel or White steel (dependant on your choice - see options) and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye it also comes jam packed with a high specification which fits neatly inside this small box.

Unlike many fly zappers on the market this unit has a staggered tube installation which allows for greater efficient light output, combined with an offset grid which in itself is innovative but offsetting the grid allows for a larger catching area and allows for much easier servicing by your in house team.

The major upgrade though is to its looks, the previous version probably didnt have the ability to be placed in your customer areas but the redesign has now given this unit the style it deserves and can be placed in front of your customers, in the back room in the kitchen, wherever you need it.

It also comes with flexible mounting options, you can hang it from your ceiling, you can pop it on the wall or have it on your desk or shelves, It also has what we call a "Mains interlocked catch tray" which allows for quick and easy maintenance with anti blow out folds.
I forgot to mention you dont need tools to replace the bulbs.

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