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Plus Light 60 Watt Stainless Glueboard Fly Killer

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Top class 60 Watt stainless steel glueboard insect killer, can be wall hung, ceiling mounted or used on a desk/shelf. This high quality fly catcher uses a pull down front to pull away the tubes from the killing area making this one of the easiest to service fly killers available.
  • 30 Watt White fly killer
  • H310 x W490 x D130
  • 3 Year warranty (excludes tubes/Starters)
  • 160m2 coverage
  • Uses 4 x TP15-18 Lamps available below
  • Uses 2 x INF309 Glueboard, available below

Plus Light 60 Watt Stainless Glueboard Fly Killer


Glueboard fly killers are designed to look great and catch flies and thats exactly what this fly catcher does without any bells and whistles, the Pluslight 60 uses 4 x 15 Watt tubes to give you a 60 Watt output which covers a massive 160m2 area from which to attract flies to the killing area inside.

Now with any fly killer the flies don't always land and die on the boards some fall off and you don't want to have these dropping down onto the floor or tables below so internal of the unit is a horizontal catchment area where these little critters will go.

The unit is manufactured from high quality and robust materials and has an all metal construction which is backed up with its 3 year manufacturers warranty (tubes and starters excluded) it also comes with a unique drop down frontage which actually pulls away the tubes from the glue-board area making this one of the easiest fly killers to service!

It can be mounted on the wall, desk or the ceiling giving you a flexibility that you deserve and has been independently tested to RoHS and relevant European standards.

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