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Focus F2 22Watt Electronic White Fly Killer

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22Watt Robust high performance insectocutor fly killer manufactured in steel with a polyester finish, this fly catcher is ideal for kitchens, providing extraordinary performance even when space is an issue.
  • 22Watt White Fly Killer
  • 90m Coverage
  • H300 x W360 x D115
  • 5 Year Warranty (Not the bulbs/starter)
  • High efficiency UV tubes
  • Lures more bugs than regular fly killers
  • Uses 2 x TGX11 Bulbs

Focus F2 22Watt Electronic White Fly Killer


As with any fly control device you need one that is going to actually get the job done and this Focus F2 electric fly killer from Insect-o-cutor is just the unit for the job.

This compact yet super stylish bug zapper is ideal for kitchens (or anywhere you want to be honest) and offers fantastic performance especially where space is an issue, It uses the patented dual wavelength technology within the lamps which allow this electric insect killer to catch more of those pesky flies than a standard unit with regular blue bulbs.

It has an all metal construction so you know its going to last for years and has a high performance killing area which is easily removable which allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. It can also be hung where you like with optional mounts for ceilings, walls or desks/shelves.

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