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Exocutor 30W Electric Fly Killer in White or Stainless

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Top product where you need a fly catcher to do its job without looking pretty this Exocutor 30W fly insect killer works great in commercial kitchens and back rooms.
  • 30W White or SS Fly killer see options
  • 80m coverage
  • H270 x W530 x D155mm
  • 2 Year warranty excludes lamps and starters
  • High spec 3750V transformer
  • Easy to service
  • Ideal for Commercial Kitchens & Back rooms
  • Wall, ceiling or desk mountable
  • Uses TP15-18 UV lamps

Exocutor 30W Electric Fly Killer in White or stainless steel


This Exocutor insect killer is the perfect product where you need a high quality product that just does the job its supposed to do, its not as pretty as some of the other killers we have on the website but dont let that fool you.
Some of the best insect killers are the ugliest of brutes you will ever see because they have 1 job to do and that's kill those damn flies.

The Exocutor electric fly catcher has been manufactured from high quality high specification components and has an extremely well built build quality as you would expect from the "insectocutor" range of products and is available in white or stainless steel (see other models for SS version).

One of the most important parts of this device is the transformer within the unit, most transformers inside electric insect killers is powerful enough to do the job but this baby has an extremely reliable high spec 3750V transformer which gets the job of killing done and keeps on going.

The device uses the high efficiency UV tubes associated with insectocutor products and is coated in a strong UV polycarbonate stable mild steel and has a unique triangular killing area which is highly effective at catching and killing flying insects, along with those features it wouldn't be a good fly killer if it wasn't easy to clean and this item has been designed to make yours or your staffs lives easier for servicing.

It has a deep mains interlocked removable tray which incorporates anti crawl edges (keeps the wounded inside) and it can be hung pretty much where you like for instance wall mounted, ceiling mounted or shelf/desk mounted is you so wished.

And finally it has been independently tested and certified to RoHS and any relevant European standards

Ideal locations:
Commercial Kitchens
Commercial Backrooms

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