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Edge 30W Glueboard Fly Killer

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Especially designed around patented tech this fly killer offers you more than traditional blue light fly killing, this unit has many tricks up its sleeve to rid you of those pesky flies.
  • Uses Synergetic bulbs (green)
  • Catches 31.5% more flies
  • Easy service and access to all consumables
  • Ceiling, Wall or Desk mountable
  • H380 x W570 x D110mm
  • Takes 2 x 15W Tubes
  • Covers 120m2 area

Edge 30W Glueboard Fly Killer


The Edge fly killer has been designed and developed to be one of the best and most effective fly killers on the market!

The edge unit has been designed around a new patented technology which catches significantly more of the pesky flying insects than regular glue board machines.
along with the patented tech already used the glue-board when inserted into the unit has a self folding mechanism which creates an attractive to flies form around the ultra voilet tubes inside the device, these folds along with the high efficiency tubes offer the flies a more attractive place to land (and subsequently get caught).

This glue board fly catcher has a 30% larger glued area than most regular devices on the market and unlike some units the board has an equidistant area from the tubes to provide the best fly catching experience, to give you an idea of how well this unit performs it has been found to catch 31.5% more flies than its traditional equivalents.

It comes with an easy to use swing down guard on the front which allows you or your staff quick and simple servicing of the unit and full access to any consumable parts i.e tubes, starters etc.

The edge glueboard fly killer can be wall hung, ceiling mounted or shelf mounted simply and has been tested and certified to RoHS and all relevant European standards.

Now thats enough about the boards and the device itself, what really gives this unit the best possibility of catching flies is the Synergetic technology inside the tubes, what this means is the tube is green rather than the traditional blue you see everywhere now dont be put off by this its actually much better.

These green tubes have a dual peak wavelength and for the techies out there its (368nm-540nm) this dual wavelength allows for a greater array of flying insects to be attracted to the unit compared to the blue versions since it can and does attract more flies than the blue versions.

A wide diversity of flying insects were shown to be more attracted to Synergetic light, including greenhouse whiteflies, silverleaf whiteflies, thrips, leafhoppers, Indian meal moths, Mediterranean flour moths, tropical warehouse moths, warehouse moths, plus many more!

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