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Leading retailer for fly killing products

About Fly Killer HQ


Fly killer hq was setup in late 2012 to deal with the ever increasing problem of flying pests we have to deal with in the UK, although our summers have been pretty poor of late the flies are still around causing havoc and flying around our light and generally just getting in the way.

At FKHQ we aim to provide you with the highest quality flying insect killing devices available on the UK market, we do not supply cheap low cost inferior products becuase we feel this is a false economy because undoubtedly they just do not live upto expectations.

With that said all products you find on our website are available to you on a next working day delivery, if you have a problem we would love to help so drop us an email or call us or 0843 2898 588


thank you for dropping by.


PS it would really help us if you have a blog to drop a link to us!


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